Braden McDonald began studying music around age five. While studying classical piano during his school years, Braden began to try out other instruments and play with bands, buying his first synthesizer in the mid-1980's.

In college, Braden finished his study of classical piano and music theory and shifted his focus to exploring electronic music, sequencing, and audio production. He also continued to play with bands and began to work on singing.

After graduation, he expanded his audio production skills by working in a handful of recording studios as well as continuing to turn out his independent recording projects.

In 1995, Braden gave his life to Jesus Christ, and his music began to express his newfound joy, peace, and purpose. Practicing singing turned out to be a good thing, as he now found he had some things he wanted to sing about, releasing New Life, a mostly lyrical album, in 1996.

Braden also began to play in worship bands in church and eventually to lead worship, which he still does today. Worship has become as much a passion as beautiful, moody instrumental music to Braden, and his 2003 release, Creation, demonstrates that he enjoys blurring lines of distinction between the two.

In 2000, having several friends eager to utilize his production abilities, Braden started Last Lamb Productions (LLP) and promptly went to work making albums for people. Numerous albums and a move across the country later, LLP went into some level of dormancy, as Braden determined to refocus his attention on other priorities.

Currently, Braden spends time studying the Bible, enjoying the outdoors, worshiping and fellowshiping with other followers of Christ, and writing new music.